Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Microcurrent Facial RejuvenationMicrocurrent facial rejuvenation treatment is the latest trend in non-surgical face lift treatment. This non-invasive cosmetic technique can reduce facial sagging and the appearance of wrinkles. This breakthrough in facial treatment is powered by microcurrent impulses that can give visible result that are ideal for anti-aging treatment. kliknij

Microcurrent Facial Benefits kliknij

Microcurrent facial treatment delivers visible results of healthier and younger looking appearance of the face. It also improves facial muscle tone and eliminates the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines. The microcurrent impulse encourages better facial circulation, exfoliation of the skin, improved drainage of the lymph, removal of facial pigments, and lifts the muscles along the jowls and eyebrows. Moreover, it can also be an effective treatment for sun-damaged skin. http://saint-legiere.hu/

Microcurrent Facial Procedures http://saintlegiere.com/

Undergoing a microcurrent facial treatment can typically take about 1.5 hours. Probes or rollers are used in order to bring the microcurrent impulse into the facial skin. This form of electrical stimulation can help enhance the natural ability of the skin to heal and produce cellular rejuvenation. The process of facial rejuvenation does not happen overnight and it usually requires 8 to 12 sessions in order to completely remove the facial lines and wrinkles. Some however report dramatic result of better facial muscle tone in just a single treatment. The microcurrent impulse can trigger the production of amino acids that can help accelerate repair of damaged skin tissues and cells to replace them with healthier cellular generation. Some therapists usually use microcurrent facial treatment to enhance absorption of anti-aging products deeper into the facial tissues. http://saintlagiere.de/

Microcurrent Facial, Is It Right For You? http://saintlegiere.de/

The choice to use microcurrent facial treatment as a non-invasive option to get a facial lift will depend whether you want to keep and maintain a youthful looking skin. As a good anti-ageing treatment you will experience refreshed and healthy looking facial skin most of the time. Because it is painless even older patients tolerate the procedure very well.

Warnings & Precautions

The microcurrent facial treatment produces no side effects but it is not recommended for individuals with a fresh scar and pacemaker. Pregnant women and epileptics should not get microcurrent facial treatment too.

Dry Skin Remedies – Caring for Your Skin

Dry skin remedies

Dry skin remedies for healthier looking skin

Many people these days are looking for the best dry skin remedies that could ease their discomfort from getting a dry skin rash and other dry skin symptoms. The skin plays a valuable role in providing the body with proper defenses against invading elements that could cause the skin to dry, itchy and flaky. There are many causes why the skin becomes dry and dehydrated and you need the proper dry skin remedies that will naturally help your skin restore its moisture.

Humidity and drop in temperature

When the temperature suddenly drops, a humid air can be a villain that can make the skin parched and dry. Your remedy would be to keep the air moist. Using a humidifier at home will help resolve this problem and to maintain the room temperature at least at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter time can be your skin’s best enemy. Protecting your skin from the cold weather should be your priority before going outdoors. Wear comfortable gloves and scarf and moisturize your lips with a lip balm to protect it from becoming dry and flaky. This will also prevent you from getting a dry skin rash that can be uncomfortable.

A hot shower is a big NO

While we usually enjoy the benefits of getting a hot shower as it soothes the body and sore muscles, a steamy shower could strip the skin off of its natural moisture. A hot shower of more than 5 minutes is not recommended so better dial down your shower temperature to warm and do not linger on much longer than 5 to 10 minutes. As you dry your skin, pat it with a soft bath towel.

Moisturize to maintain a healthy skin

Applying a moisturizer will help the skin maintain its softness as well as it helps prevent dryness. Applying Ageless Derma Stem Cell and peptide anti wrinkle cream helps to provide the skin with enough peptide that will keep wrinkles and signs of old skin away. This cream helps to nurture the skin’s health, helping you prevent dryness of the skin as it begin to lose collagen while the skin ages.

Shave it gently

Shaving can actually cause irritation to a skin and the process of shaving could in fact remove the skin’s natural oil that keeps the skin’s natural moisture. The American Academy of Dermatologists recommends shaving after a shower when the skin is softer and pliable. Using a shaving cream will help reduce the friction that would cause skin irritation.

Protect skin from sunlight

Giving your skin proper sunscreen protection is one of the best natural dry skin remedies that you can observe. The sun emits harmful rays that could make the skin dry, flaky, rough and wrinkled and could even give you a dry skin rash. Use a sunscreen that provides at least SPF 30 to give your skin with adequate sun protection. It is also best to apply on your lips a lip balm with SPF 15. Wear a hat that will protect your skin from sunlight and wear comfortable long sleeves on light materials.

These dry skin remedies will reduce your risks of getting discomforts from a sun damaged, dry, flaky and itchy skin.

Genetic RNA Information Offers Promising Non-Invasive Diagnostic Tool for Cancer

Genetic RNAThe Scientific American recently published an article that offers a promising procedure that would help diagnose cancer without the need to undergo the painful procedure of taking biopsies with its latest genetic RNA information. This medical research breakthrough is based on the ability of the exosomes, an RNA fragment found in cancer cells, to indicate the presence of cancer cells in the body. Tumor cells have microvesicles that eject these RNA exosomes droplets which carry valuable genetic information that could be used in determining the presence of cancer cells.

An analysis of the genetic information that exosomes carry could tell the cancer cell’s molecular compositions and its state of progression. Exosomes carry the genetic information of their parent cells, making it possible to determine the nature of the tumor cell that is present in the body. The RNA droplets are ejected in the spinal fluid, urine and blood and for years diagnostic procedure for cancer through spinal fluid and blood analysis has never been tried yet. According to Fred Hochberg of Harvard University, this discovery could open an opportunity to use blood and spinal fluid as a subject of diagnostic analysis for cancer.

Tumor cells are usually diagnosed through a biopsy. In brain cancers however, the biopsy procedure could become a life threatening process. Using the exosomes that can be extracted through the blood or the spinal fluid could offer a better and safer alternative for diagnosing cancer cells in the body. Other diagnostic procedure for cancer is also done through Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI however it can only diagnose tumors that are already one millimeter in diameter. By the time the tumor cells become apparent in the imaging scan, there are about 100,000 tumor cells in the body already hence early intervention is no longer plausible.

MRI also could not guarantee 100% accurate diagnosis of cancers. It would often yield positive results after having mistaken the small residue cells left that were killed by the radiation therapy but was not completely eliminated from the body as tumors, thereby giving to the doctors an impression that the radiation treatment is not effective even when it is. Using the test for exosomes will clearly provide a more accurate biomarker of the presence of tumor cells in the body. Researchers are pursuing further studies on how to develop an accurate process to diagnose cancer using exosomes as a reliable diagnostic indicator.

Top Nutrition Trend For Losing Weight in 2013

Top Nutrition Trend For Losing Weight

Top Nutrition Trend For Losing Weight in 2013

With so many nutritional supplements and weight loss regimens out there, you don’t know which is the best one. We have gathered some information on the Top Nutrition Trend For Losing Weight in 2013 and we made a convenient list for you.

Caffeine in coffee

Many continue to rely on coffee for losing weight. The caffeine content in coffee is known to increase the body’s metabolism which aids in the fast burning of fats which help prevents the development of excess fats in the body. Caffeine could suppress appetite too which makes it a good potential source for losing weight. Coffee beans are high in antioxidants, giving coffee a good nutritional value and for losing weight. Living a healthy lifestyle with a good exercise routine and drinking coffee every day could help optimize your ability to manage your weight.

Pure Green Coffee Beans Extracts

According to the latest press release regarding health and nutrition, coffee bean extract has shown high potential in helping the body lose weight significantly. As a matter of fact, there was a frenzy among weight loss buffs in ordering green coffee according to a research study. If you want to be in on the trend, you can try drinking green coffee beans in the form of coffee. It is essential that you are able to find one that is sold by reputable retailers at high coffee bean quality grade at a fair cost.

Watch to learn how to choose the best coffee bean extracts here.

Acai Berry and Acai Berry Products

Acai berry remains to be a popular dietary supplement. Apart from being rich in Omega 3 fats and fibers, the fruit comes loaded high in antioxidants. It was proven by scientific evidence that acai berry could suppress appetite and improve the body’s metabolic process. Other benefits from the acai berry fruit is that it could build muscle tone with exercise, protect the body against heart diseases, and fight inflammation. Acai berry is known to be a super food because of the loads of nutrition that come with it. Acai berry as a weight loss supplement is available in acai juice and pills.

African Mango Supplements and Raspberry Ketones

African mango supplements and raspberry ketones continue to have good sales for their nutritional value and weight loss potential. The extracts from these fruits are known to burn fats, cholesterol and leptin level as published in the Lipids in Health and Disease. An intake of about 150 mg of African mango seed extracts could improve the weight reduction of the body including reduced body fats.

Alcohol Addiction Statistics and Symptoms

Alcohol Addiction Statistics and Symptoms

Alcohol addiction is a chronic condition characterized by dependence on alcohol and frequently resulting in behavioral and health consequences. Alcohol addiction, also known as alcoholism and alcohol dependence, is a progressive degenerative disease that includes the following four major symptoms: tolerance, loss of control, physical dependence, and craving.

When a person craves for alcohol and cannot limit his of her drinking; or has a desire to increase the amounts of alcohol just to get a high feeling; or stopped drinking after an extreme period of time resulting in anxiety, trembling, sweating and nausea; the person is expected to be alcoholic. Alcohol addiction can be defined basically as an obsessive need for beer, wine, and other hard liquors that leads addicts to lose their social status, affect health and worsen personal lives.

Alcohol Addiction Causes

Researches have found that it is expected for someone to have an alcohol addiction if he or she has a family history of it, genetically speaking. It is very much likely that alcoholism can be developed if one chooses to drink. However, alcohol addiction can be worsened depending on the person’s environment and traumatic experiences in life. Environmental factors include peer pressure or influence, culture, family and friends, and how the person was brought up.

Alcohol Addiction Symptoms
One should be suspected to have an alcohol addiction once they manifest the following symptoms of behavior and other alcohol addiction physiological and psychological effects:

• Failure to fulfill obligations on a constant basis.

• Using alcohol when it is physically hazardous to themselves or those around them.

• They may have recurrent legal and financial problems due to drug possession charge or money spent on their addiction.

• They may have frequent social or interpersonal problems with the tendency to blame undesirable situations on others and other things having little to do with them.

• Increased tolerance: they must use more of the substance to produce a high.

• Withdrawal: serious physical symptoms appear when use is discontinued.

• They use of large amounts of the substance over long periods of time.• They experience unsuccessful attempts to cut down their alcohol use.

• The time spent obtaining the substance replaces social, work-related, family-oriented or recreational activities.

• They continue to use alcohol despite the inevitable adverse consequences.

Alcohol Addiction Statistics

• Alcoholics who do not stop drinking reduce life expectancy by 10 to 15 years.

• The main reason for some social problems such as homelessness, murder, suicide, injury, and violent crime is due to alcoholism. 50% of the main cause of all deaths from motor vehicle accidents is due to alcohol. In fact, about 100,000 deaths occur each year due to the effects of alcohol, of which 50% are due to injuries of some sort.

• Teenage alcohol addiction fact shows that in every 4 children, there is 1 child that is exposed to alcoholism in their own home or domestically. Based on figures, 19 million children which are 29% of children by the age of up to 17 years old are affected with this. Furthermore, it has been estimated that approximately 18% of adults experience an episode of alcohol abuse or dependence at some time during their lives.

• About 95% of the people who quit drinking alcohol and experiencing mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms should be treated by a healthcare professional as an outpatient. The remaining 5% who suffer severe withdrawal symptoms must be treated in a hospital or in an alcohol rehab facility to manage alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Addiction Psychological and Physiological Disorders

Alcohol Addiction Psychological and Physiological DisordersAlcohol addiction can cause different symptoms arising from cravings to drink alcohol uncontrollably. The addiction to alcohol affects the quality of life that a person lives as it produces many adverse psychological, social and physiological consequences. There are different manifestations of alcohol addiction that warrant diagnosis and  immediate treatment as a preventive measure to avoid the progressive addiction behavior towards alcohol.

There are different kinds of alcohol addiction symptoms that could easily signal that one’s inclination to drink alcoholic beverages has gone beyond control and limitations. These symptoms often manifest as one that leads to tolerance which increases one’s needs for more alcohol consumption to satisfy their craving for alcoholic drinks. Physical changes usually occur in the attempt to stop the addiction with withdrawal symptoms.

An individual who is preoccupied with alcoholic drinks affects his or her behavior and will eventually result in psychological and physiological disorders. The effects of Alcohol Addiction cover the whole aspect of one’s life but the main and damaging part is the physical effects. Without getting alcohol addiction treatment it can lead to more adverse consequences that could alter the quality of life of the alcohol addict.

Physical Effects include:

  • liver cirrhosis
  • pancreatitis
  • alcoholic dementia
  • epilepsy
  • heart disease
  • weight loss or gain
  • puffy face and red eyes
  • polyneuropathy
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • sexual dysfunction
  • chances of cancer
  • death

Social Effects:

  • loss of employment
  • school problem for failing grades and numerous absences
  • social isolation
  • personal matters such as marital conflicts, domestic violence, etc.
  • financial problems that will lead to stealing from others to finance addiction

Mental Effects:

  • anxiety and depression disorders
  • panic disorder
  • brain damage
  • suicides
  • murders
  • accidental deaths
  • Aside from these ranges of effects, persistent consumption of alcohol can also result for poor judgment that may lead to some legal problems such as criminal charges for driving under the influence (DUI) or civil penalties for undesirable behavior, changes in sleep habits and many more that are not pleasant for the individual suffering from alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence.



Shin SH et al. of the Boston University School of Social Work in Boston Massachusetts, USA studied the relationship between alcohol use and multiple forms of maltreatment by guardians or parents. The study showed a high correlation between maltreatment and alcohol abuse. Data were obtained from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. The outcome of the study revealed that one third of those who reported maltreatment had experienced more than one type of maltreatment. The study was also suggestive that all types or combination of the different types of maltreatment except physical abuse only are strongly associated with alcohol use in adolescents, controlling for age, race, gender and parental alcoholism. Furthermore the study supported that child maltreatment has a deleterious effect on adolescent alcohol use.


The Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies of the Department of Community Health of Brown University Medical School studied the genetic influences in the risk for the development of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with parental exposure to alcohol or nicotine that increases the risk of its development. The outcome of the study showed that ADHD is more likely to be diagnosed in girls whose mother or father were dependent with alcohol or whose mother have reported to use alcohol during their pregnancy which is also evident in those with low birth weight. 86% of the residual variance in ADHD risk is attributed to genetic effects while 14% are attributed to non-shared environmental influences.

Caring for a Diabetic Foot Pain – The Essentials

Diabetic foot pain

Diabetic foot pain causes significant discomfort

Diabetic foot pain is a serious condition that requires immediate attention. The mild symptoms of pain among diabetics that are oftentimes neglected without proper medical attention given progresses into more serious complications such as foot ulcers and infections. The BBC News Health reported that the diabetic feet without proper care may lead to amputation. The risk rises in the presence of uncontrolled ulcers and spread of infection making it an essential management plan to provide proper foot care to a diabetic foot.

Diabetic Foot Pain Caused by Neuropathy

There are diabetic foot pain care essentials that can be observed and performed in the comfort of your home even without the intervention of a medical professional. Because the main problem with a diabetic foot pain is due to nerve or neuropathic injury, pain is not always a classic symptom that one will experience. This makes it difficult to manage the condition owing to the fact that the problem is already present but remains undetected. Part of the foot management of a diabetic includes preventive measures that would tend to your diabetic foot care needs regularly.

Check your feet regularly

Make it as a habit to observe and inspect your diabetic foot for calluses or any sign of redness or blisters. Make sure to check in between your toes for any signs of wounds, abrasions, blisters and even look for any abnormal physical changes that may occur. If you have diabetic neuropathy, pain is often absent even in the presence of an infection or irritation.

Protect your foot all the time

Always give your feet proper and adequate protection. Do not attempt to walk barefooted and wear well-fitted shoes or slippers all the time. The wounds from a diabetic foot are difficult to heal owing to a poor circulation on the lower extremity and your ultimate goal is to protect the feet from getting any injury that could later progress to serious complications. Wearing comfortable socks will give your feet added comfort. Make a good investment on the shoes you will wear and always keep an eye on any signs of redness or irritation that will indicate that your footwear is not comfortable enough for you to wear. In the absence of pain as in the case of a diabetic neuropathy, you should always keep your feet under close watch for visual signs that will indicate foot problems.

Soak in warm water

Soaking in warm water is an essential care for diabetic foot pain. Warm water has the therapeutic effect of improving the blood circulation to the feet and it soothes a tired and aching foot. But do not soak longer than 5 minutes especially when you have a sore as it takes longer for it to heal. Pat dry with a soft towel gently and avoid rubbing hard on the skin.

Foot massage with rollers

The benefits of a foot massage are highly valuable. Using a cream, gently massage the foot using a massage roller in order to promote pain relief and relaxation. In performing the massage, it increases the flow of the blood circulation in the leg and foot and it enhances the healing process of any foot infection.

Exercise your foot and joints

One way to protect your foot from pain is to keep the muscles and joints strong and healthy. In the presence of pain, the muscles and joints are susceptible to weakness and soreness. You can reduce its occurrence by performing proper muscle and joint exercises to keep these supporting structures strong to withstand the pressure. Diabetic foot pain is easy to manage when preventive measures are observed and proper care is administered during the early signs of infection or skin problems.

3 Top Ways of Delaying Skin Aging

Delaying Skin AgingThe skin undergoes a lot of changes while we age. There are important factors that affect our skin health and it may be due to biological changes that the body goes through such as hormonal changes; exposure to extrinsic causes that may accelerate skin aging such as air pollution and exposure to free radicals and sunlight; and mechanical aging which may be produced by the wrinkle causing behavior and brought by an unhealthy lifestyle. There are 3 top ways to combat these causative factors that may accelerate the skin aging process.

Avoiding Mechanical Aging

Mechanical aging is caused by unhealthy skin care behavior. It may be due to repeated muscle movements that encourage the wrinkle formation as well as unhealthy lifestyle activity. One way to delay the formation of skin wrinkles and signs of aging would be to avoid squinting and frowning that contract the facial muscles thereby causing more facial lines. Smiling instead will help to relax your muscles. You should also alternate sleeping on both sides in order to prevent wrinkles on one side of your face. If possible, try to sleep on your back in order to avoid putting pressure on the facial skin while sleeping.

Nourish the skin with skin care products

Environmental causes can accelerate skin aging as well as make the skin unhealthily dry. As the skin becomes more exposed to the free radicals in the external environment, it promotes skin dryness, flaking, dark spots and wrinkle and line formation. You need to protect the skin against the harsh environment that it is exposed to. Using sunscreen will give the skin an added protection against the harmful UV rays from the sun. Applying sunscreen with SPF 45 and higher will suffice. Applying anti-wrinkle creams such as the Ageless Derma Stem Cell and peptide anti wrinkle cream will help nurture the skin to keep its youthful look. Avoid using skin care products that contain harsh chemicals that may cause your skin more harm than help. Make sure to observe a daily facial skin care regimen consisting of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing.

Keep the skin healthy inside and out

It is not enough to use skin care products in taking care of your skin. You need to provide the body with healthy nutrients that will make the skin glow and retain its youthful look. Foods that are rich in vitamin C are essential in building the skin collagen to replace the old skin cells with new ones. Foods that are rich in sulfur such as garlic and onions will help maintain a smoother skin. Food sources that are rich in zinc contents like pumpkin seeds, liver and oysters will help in repairing skin cell damage to keep the skin supple and smooth. If you want to keep your skin tone healthy, foods high in iron content will help. Water is also important in keeping the skin hydrated.

Fighting off free radicals, unhealthy lifestyle and other external factors that accelerate skin aging takes time and commitment. It does not happen overnight but it is always possible to delay the signs of premature aging by observing a proper skin care regimen, eating adequate nutrition that will be healthy for the skin and using the appropriate skin care products will also be helpful.

Surgical and Radiation Treatments for Prostate Cancer Have Long Term Side Effects

Radiation Treatments for Prostate Cancer

There may be long term side effects with radiation treatment for prostate cancer

Surgical and radiation treatments for prostate cancer have proven to be an effective measure to prevent the mortality rate of the condition. However, even when these treatments are successful, it was found out that about 18% of men who underwent surgery and 9% of those who had a radiation treatment suffer urinary incontinence after 15 years of their treatment. Bowel problems become prevalent in 16% of men with radiation therapy and in 5% of those who have undergone surgery. The various factors affecting this outcome are being considered by the researchers such as the age of the patient and the size of the tumors. On the other hand, there is the need for further survey and study on these findings as there is no study that is accurate and without limitations, according to Dr. Timothy Wilson, the urology head of the City of Hope which is a cancer center in California.

More report detail on this study was reported in the NBC News.

There is a possibility that there is an over treatment of prostate cancer therefore medical practitioners need to sort out their treatment options. Patients should also be educated about the risks and benefits to help them make an informed choice regarding their treatment options.

Learn How to Exfoliate Face for Healthy Glowing Skin

How to Exfoliate FaceLearning how to exfoliate face is necessary in order to have a healthy, glowing skin. There are different skin types that need a different style in exfoliating. As we age, the skin cells slow down in regenerating thereby causing the skin to look dull and lifeless. In order to remove the dead skin cells from the face, one needs to exfoliate in order to help the skin regenerate to produce new skin cells.  However, it is crucial to learn how to exfoliate the face according to your skin type.

How to exfoliate face with sensitive skin

If you have a sensitive skin, you need to wash the face with a cleanser and a washcloth at least twice or thrice a day. This may be enough to remove the dead skin cells without causing skin irritation. After washing with a washcloth, apply a moisturizer to hydrate the skin after the dead skin cells are removed. Using facial scrubs on a sensitive skin may cause irritation therefore using microdermabrasion should be avoided. Caution should also be observed when applying exfoliating products on the face. It is best to apply the product in a small quantity on the skin to test for any skin reaction.

How to exfoliate face with a normal skin

A person with a normal skin can exfoliate the face using gentle scrubs once a week. Glycolic mask will also help restore the facial skin’s healthy glow that can be applied at least once a week. Skin care brush is also available that one can use on a normal skin to exfoliate. But it is important to keep in mind not to overdo the exfoliation process as it could result to skin irritation. Over exfoliation can accelerate the aging process and experts recommend that the ideal frequency to exfoliate the facial skin is only once a week.

How to exfoliate face with an acne prone skin

If you have an oily skin which makes you prone to acne formation, using a skin care brush could help you exfoliate your skin. Use a glycolic cleanser or a glycolic pad every other day. The pad helps remove the dead skin cells, excess oil on the face and other debris that clog the pores. It is recommended to use a sun block along with products containing glycolic acids as the ingredient could increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

Getting the help of experts to exfoliate facial skin

One can usually learn how to exfoliate face at home but one can get better help from the facial skin experts to exfoliate large amounts of dead skin cells through the procedure called microdermabrasion and chemical peels. The process not only exfoliates the skin, it also removes skin discoloration and addresses facial acne. A dermatologist will determine which facial procedure will best benefit your skin according to your skin type. Moreover, skin professionals will likely prescribe the application of a moisturizer on your skin in order to restore the skin’s healthy glow. To avoid wrinkles, you can use the Ageless Derma Stem Cell and peptide anti wrinkle cream that will help provide the skin with peptide and improve the production of collagen in the skin to keep it more supple, wrinkle free and helps to maintain a youthful glow after exfoliation.

Consideration on how to exfoliate face

Avoid overdoing the exfoliation process on your facial skin. If your skin shows redness, you are likely overdoing the exfoliation and it may be a sign of skin inflammation. You should try to scrub off the skin gently and reduce the frequency of your exfoliation regimen. As you learn how to exfoliate face properly you will soon find that your skin restores its healthy glow.